Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho

Tests development

Create automated tests for your application is an extremely important activity, but, not always you have a team with the expertise to achieve this need.

What about to leave this service to someone who alreay has it on its "blood" and is already used to solve the common problems of the test automation related activities?

Outsource your automated test development with me!

Unit testing

It's recommended that 70% of the application tests must be done in the unit level

Unit tests helps on providing quick feedback to the team when some change brokes the system

And with unit tests we can obtain a very important metric for software quality, the code coverage

Integration testing

In one way or another, complex systems integrates with each other

And in the case a service stops to respond, we expect that the application do not stops to work

The integration tests are there exacly to help you on the application design, to not broke the system in this kind of situation

UI testing

With a unit and integration test base, came the UI tests

These help you to provide feedback about the application usage the more closely the user's reality

Besides that, UI tests, also known as end-to-end tests, may be ran together with visual regression tests

What are the benefits?

Testing all the application layers helps on application regression while it evolves to attend specific needs.

So, after the developement of a new feature, a bug fix, or an application refactoring, you're safe about the already implemented functionalities are still been tested.

Then, your team can continuously improve.

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